Chachapoyas, Peru’s hidden wonder

3 Mar, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Massive exterior stonewall at the fortress of Kuelap.

Chachapoyas is a destination on the rise, which is home to the fortress of Kuelap, one of the most impressive archaeological sites of Peru. Located in the region of Amazonas, in the northern part of the country, it combines history, culture and adventure, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes and an interesting diversity of microclimates, flora and fauna… with its cloud forests filled with bromeliads and orchids, where Andean bears and cocks-of-the-rock inhabit, along with other native species.

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Cusco, one of the Top Tourist Attractions in Peru, not affected by heavy rains and mudslides

23 Mar, 2017 | Category: Communique

Condor Travel would like to reinforce the fact that Cusco and its surrounding areas are out of harm from the heavy rain and mudslides due to the El Niño phenomenon happening in some areas of Peru.

At this moment, the country’s Southern touristic circuit -which aside from Cusco includes Puno, Arequipa and Madre de Dios- is out of risk, as well as the North Oriental region -San Martin, Amazon and Loreto. In the larger part of the city of Lima operations have not been affected. These areas are not at risk because they are located at a long and safe distance from where these events are taking place.

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Misminay, a journey that changes lives

21 Mar, 2017 | Category: Sustainable Tourism

Misminay, Cusco, Peru

The way we conceive tourism is constantly evolving. Today, the most demanding travelers are not anymore understanding luxury as bottles of the finest wines and elegant and costly hotels, but rather seeking to live authentic experiences, that allow them to get to know different cultures and expand their vision of the world… and, even better, that support development in the communities they are visiting.

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7 places nobody wants to miss in Argentina

16 Mar, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Argentina is pretty well known for its tango, world-class meat and wines and, of course, charming Buenos Aires. But this destination has so much more to offer… from the Argentinian Patagonia and its glaciers, mountains and lakes, to one of the largest waterfalls in the world, beaches, sports, picturesque towns and lively atmosphere. Here are 7 of the top spots that nobody should miss in Argentina.

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The Most Romantic Destinations in Brazil

9 Mar, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Shutterstock.

When it comes to romantic getaways, Brazil has a bit of everything that anyone may want. A steamy, sexy vibe, along with some very active nightlife… breathtakingly beautiful secluded beaches where to unwind… stunning scenery… culturally diverse and outgoing people… exotic cuisine and drinks… and a fair bit of adventure. But, since it is a big country, we have here summed up some of the best romantic destinations it has to offer.

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Colombia, a country full of life

6 Mar, 2017

There is never a moment of boredom in Colombia, whether exploring nature, resting on one of its perfect beaches, experiencing its vibrant culture or learning about its fascinating history; there's always something unforgettable to do here. What is unmissable about Colombia? Here are some of its must-see destinations:

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Days of adventure in Torres del Paine National Park

6 Mar, 2017

Torres del Paine National Park is a place you won’t forget in a hurry. Intense blue lakes, emerald-green forests, fragile-looking bridges across foaming rivers and spectacular scenery crowned by an immense glacier. There is nowhere better in which to become one with nature and to live an unbeatable adventure.

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Lima: The best of Peruvian gastronomy in one place

6 Mar, 2017

From your first taste of Peruvian food you will realise why Peru has become the world's best culinary destination. Exotic flavours, fascinating textures, unique ingredients and creativity have raised the country's gastronomy to surprising levels, they are the essentials for preparing great Peruvian dishes.

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Working for the environment at the Island of the Sun

6 Mar, 2017

At the beginning of 2017, a beautiful event took place at the Eco-Lodge La Estancia, in Bolivia. This lodge, located on the Island of the Sun in the Titicaca Lake, hosted the first International Permaculture Course, which gathered people from different types of backgrounds. The attendants shared one common goal: to learn about permaculture and gain the necessary tools to practice it.

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Aysen and Choquequirao are part of Lonely Planet’s “Top Regions”

27 Feb, 2017

Good news for South America. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017 has been announced, and Aysen, Chile and Choquequirao, Peru are among the Top 10 Regions this time around. The magazine looks for and awards the top 10 countries, cities, and regions each year.

The famous travel guide chose Aysen because it “is an extreme landscape in constant flux” and praised the virgin landscape of the Chilean Patagonia.

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