Trekking to Choquequirao: the last Inca stronghold

1 Aug, 2017

Known as “The Cradle of Gold”, Choquequirao was the last stronghold of Inca resistance and is considered by some as the “true lost city of the Incas”. This spectacular trek takes its visitors back in time, transforming their view on everything.

The ruins

Perched on top of a headland, at an elevation of around 10,000 feet (3,100 meters) above sea level and with the Vilcabamba Mountains as backdrop, this huge archaeological complex truly competes with the impressive Machu Picchu. Many even prefer it, as it is possible to enjoy it in relative or even absolute solitude.

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Brazil and Argentina: two South American gems

15 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Brazil and Argentina are two amazing countries that have been alluring visitors for many years. These neighboring South American nations both have some truly interesting vibrant metropolis, such as Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital, and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in Brazil. They also share the worldly renowned Iguazu Waterfalls, World Wonder of Nature. But, while these are places that every visitor should consider in their South American journey, the two countries have something much more valuable to offer: rich and captivating cultures that are contrasting, while sharing some of their most representative cultural expressions, such as dance and food. This post is a brief ode to the cultures of these two South American gems!

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10 reasons to visit Chile

8 Aug, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Featuring an outstanding length of about 4,300 kilometers from the northern to the southern tip, Chile is a remarkably diverse country in every possible sense. With an incredible geography, including places such as the world’s driest desert, all the way down to gigantic glaciers and fertile wine valleys, as well as world-class stargazing opportunities and mysterious ancestral cultures, this country of astonishing contrasts and outstanding natural beauty has something in store for every traveller. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Chile!

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Tastes of Lima – a culinary awakening!

18 Jul, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Never before has traveling been as focused on food as it is now. A foodie and pretty much all tourists seek to immerse themselves in the local culture and this includes, of course, enjoying its best dishes. So, questions arise about what is the greatest gourmet destination in the world or which country’s cuisine is the most exotic, diverse and yummy.

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Socially responsible tourism in South America

4 Jul, 2017 | Category: Sustainable Tourism

Tourist at Mullaka’s Misminay, Cusco, Peru.

The ever-greater importance of social responsibility is something that we incorporate into our daily operations, looking to foster the development of a sustainable industry in the destinations we work with. We do not only care for having a minimal environmental impact, but also put a lot of effort into supporting the welfare of our partners, providers and the local communities altogether.

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Amazonian Wildlife: stunning sightings in the Amazon rainforest (Peru and Brazil)

27 Jun, 2017 | Category: Destinations


By far the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazonia is overflowed with life, being one of the most bio diverse areas on the planet. The rainforest extends over various South American countries, but is generally visited by tourists through Peru and Brazil. It displays a diversity of ecosystems and vegetation types, being well suited as home for an enormous array of different animals. There are about 40,000 plant species and thousands of animals inhabiting the Amazon’s forests, rivers, soil and pretty much every corner of it. In fact, one in ten of all species known by man are thought to be found here… everything from the imposing jaguar to the poison dart frog, the pink river dolphin, the mighty anaconda, the great black caiman, the piranhas and the cute giant anteater. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Amazonian wildlife that visitors can come across with if they’re lucky!

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Natural wonders of South America

20 Jun, 2017 | Category: Destinations

Moon Valley, Atacama desert, Chile.

When it comes to the force of nature, there is no doubt that South America truly put on quite a show, displaying it in all sorts of ways. From the Amazon rainforest and some of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls on Earth, to towering granite peaks in the south of Chile and immense salt flats on the Bolivian highlands, this continent really has it all. So, let’s take a look at some of the greatest South American natural wonders!

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First edition of the ‘Beyond - South America SUMMIT, Lima 2017’

13 Jun, 2017 | Category: Communique

¡And we keep growing! This year Condor Travel is turning 40 years old and this important milestone brings along some exciting news. Among these, we are very excited to announce the first edition of our travel agents fair ‘Beyond – South America SUMMIT, Lima 2017’. The event will be held on June 18th-20th at the Westin Hotel in Lima and will count with the presence of around 80 of our main clients and allies. Through this meeting that brings together the main buyers and decision makers of Peru and South America, we are looking to strongly promote tourism at a regional level.

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