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Training and Mountaineering in Huayna Potosí & Bolivian culture - Bolivia

13 days, 12 nights

Adventure Tours

Condor Travel Bolivia’s new mountaineering tour is the perfect opportunity to experience mountaineering in the Andes and to live the Bolivian culture. Next departure: 01-09-2017

The very best of the Bolivian Jesuit Mission - Bolivia

6 days / 5 nights

Special Interest Tours

A perfect combination of Culture, UNESCO World Heritage Churches, amazing nature and places off the beaten path!


9 days, 8 nights

Fixed Departures

The best of Brazil and Argentina in one tour. An experience filled with history, culture and natural wonders.

The Andean Plateau in Argentina - Argentina

7 days / 6 nights


This is a unique programme with magnificent highland scenery. From picturesque valleys between the mountains of the Sierra del Velasco in the Province of La Rioja, to the Altiplano Cordillerano, the ...

Full Amazon - Peru

6 days / 5 nights


A six-day journey on which to immerse yourself in the history, culture and nature of the Peruvian Amazon. The perfect opportunity to discover the mysteries and marvels that have lived in the jungle ...

Memorable places of salt, desert and water - Chile, Bolivia

11 days, 10 nights


Santiago, Atacama, REA, Uyuni, Sun Island & La Paz Q: 148523


17 days, 16 nights


Get ready to be amazed by the charm and exotic culture of Brazil, discovering Rio de Janeiro, Tiradentes, Ouro Preto, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Brasilia and Iguazu.


14 days, 13 nights


Dive into the adventure and get to know the wonders of the South of Brazil visiting Porto Alegre, Gramado, Bento Gonçalves, Florianópolis, Praia do Rosa & Foz do Iguazú.

Exclusive Brazil - Brazil

12 days - 11 nights


Discover Brazil and its fascinating cities: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Lençóis (CHAPADA DIAMANTINA), Recife & Fernando de Noronha.

Ushuaia Gourmet - Argentina

3 days, 2 nights

Luxury Tours

Discover the city of Ushuaia through its gastronomy and beautiful scenery

Whale watching – Ruta del Sol (Sun Route) - Ecuador

3 days, 2 nights

Adventure Tours

During the months of July and September you can watch dolphins and humpback whales around the island. These beautiful marine mammals come to this area because of its warm waters, ideal place for ...

From the jungle to Machu Picchu: A multifaceted experience - Peru

4 days / 3 nights

Adventure Tours

hiking in peru

From the best Peruvian food offered in the capital city to mountain biking and trekking in the stunning Andes and exhilarating jungle adventures, river crossings, and Incan archeological ...

North East Beach Buggies Experience - Brazil

8 days, 7 nights

Adventure Tours

Amazon Rainforest Brazil

This 8 day program is pure adventure in the midst of the lush Brazilian Amazon rainforest, sailing on lakes and down rivers and meeting the friendly people who reside there. Yet before heading off to ...

W Circuit, Chilean Patagonia - Chile

9 days, 8 nights

Adventure Tours

Patagonia South America

We invite you to explore the “Torres del Paine National Park” located in the region of Magallanes (Chilean Patagonia) and Chilean Antarctic. In 1978, it was declared a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. ...

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