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Rincón del Socorro - Argentina


Day 1:

Transfer from the Posadas Airport to the

The ranch is old and very important, and up till 1999 it was dedicated to farming, but it was purchased that year by the Land Trust Conservation Foundation, whose mission is to protect the environment. When you arrive, you will be welcomed and given a short lecture about the Ibera Wetlands, its origins, characteristic, and wildlife.

During the afternoon, you will take a guided tour of the fields, visiting the hotel’s grounds, garden, and the dike.

Dinner and lodgings at the Rincón del Socorro.

Day 2:

Sailing on Lake Ibera and a night safari.

After breakfast, you will head out towards

the exclusive barbecue pit next to the docks, 23 km from the ranch on the way to the town of Carlos Pellegrini.

As the boat moves across the lake, the guide will tell you peculiar details about the animals and their habitat. Keep your eyes open and your binoculars ready because you may get to see alligators or deer in swampy shores.

After a delicious barbecue lunch on the lakeshore, and if time permits, you might be able to visit the Ibera Provincial Reserve Information Center to learn more about the local wildlife. Afterwards, there is a brief hike through the jungle to check out the howler monkeys.

Another alternative is visiting the Carlos Pellegrini Colony, the closest town to the wetlands. The return trip to the ranch is the long awaited moment: the nighttime safari in a 4WD vehicle to listen to nocturnal animal sounds: the barking of foxes and the screeches of owls, which you only hear once night falls. You may also actually catch a glimpse of a vizcacha or an armadillo as they go out in search of food.

Dinner and lodgings at the Rincón del Socorro

Day 3:

Hiking and horseback riding

The morning starts off with a brisk hike

from the main building into the wetlands. Along the 7 kilometer trail, you will see how the different aspects of the countryside: lakes, streams, hills, and savannahs.

Your horseback adventure is slated for the afternoon and will last one hour, thundering across the plains until you reach the edges of the wetlands by evening, where you will enjoy a picnic. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for signs of wildlife because when you least expect it, deer, brockets, armadillos, foxes, rheas, and a huge number of other birds will appear out of nowhere.

Dinner and lodgings at the Rincón del Socorro.

Day 4:

Transfer from the Rincón del Socorro to

the Posadas Airport.

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* The order of the activities may change depending on the weather.

* Transfers IN and OUT are private, with just the driver.

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