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  • Buenos Aires
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Argentina is more than just Buenos Aires and its elegance that is revealed in its streets, its people, its shows, its lights, its nights, and its tango. The country has much to offer. For starters, it is Patagonia and glaciers. The southernmost spot in the world with its wonders. And, it is Ushuaia, Calafate, Bariloche, the Valdes Peninsula, or the Perito Moreno Glacier. A paradise of snow, glaciers, rivers, mountains, and lakes. 

It is the wine route in the Mendoza Region, framed by snow capped mountains and filled with a seemingly endless number of vineyards. It is tropical, and a Wonder of the World: Iguazu Falls. It is a country of immigrants, historic revolutions, good food and drink, and, of course, afternoons of soccer.

The land of the Gauchos awaits you.

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Buenos Aires


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  • February 11 and 12: Carnival
  • February 20: Commemoration of the Battle of Salta
  • March 24: National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice
  • April 2: Day of Remembrance for the Veterans and the Fallen of the Falklands War
  • May 25: Revolution Day
  • July 9: Independence Day

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